acupuncture is part of a holistic, comprehensive system of health care called traditional chinese medicine (tcm). diet is another important aspect of tcm, and has a huge effect on our health and wellness. every day our bodies need a wide variety of nutrients, and the best possible way to get these nutrients is by eating a varied diet of healthy, fresh, organic foods. it is best to get as much of the nutrition your body needs from the foods you eat – however, there are some times when we are not able to get the full range of nutrition we need from a healthy diet, and in these cases, a small amount of nutritional supplementation may be both necessary and important.

when taking nutritional supplements, think about the total picture of what you take and ask yourself these questions:

when supplementation is necessary or recommended, do your best to choose supplements made by highly respected companies that use high quality, natural ingredients whenever possible, and test their products for safety.

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